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Crusader Day!

Okay, for anyone who didn't see the letter the school sent out today (i did, i was jumping for joy! lol)

Crusader Day is Tuesday, August 23rd, from noon-7pm

Everyone needs to bring their emergency cards, Book Deposit (if you received a letter saying you owe money), and and your Health/Allergy form.

Also, you can bring anything you want to store in your locker, and anything you want to use to decorate your locker that day!

at Crusader Day, you will receive your schedule, a welcome back packet, your agenda, your bus pass, and a calender magnet. This year, the school will provide a "call ahead" feature to help avoid long lines. To access this feature, call the school's number (493-5360)and then dial the extension 2050 during Crusader Day to find out how long the lines are. Please remember to bring all the needed information, to make things run smoother. Also remember that a parent is not required to come to Crusader Day with the student, as long as the student has all the needed information compleatly filled out with them, and any money that is due by that student gets turned in!

Can't wait to see you all there!

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